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Last Minute! Pre-order 2022 Lab Calendar

I announced a few weeks ago on social media that I wasn't offering a 2022 Labrador Retriever calendar this holiday season. Since then, I have many emails from loyal calendar buyers expressing their disappointment.

My mom relies heavily on her calendar each year to help her keep track of the days and her appointments and I realized she is going to be so lost without it in the coming year.

So, I have put together a collection of my favorite paintings from over the years and created a 2022 calendar for her. Some images you may remember, some may be brand new to you.

I will be placing an order for a calendar for my mom and if you would like the 2022 calendar as well, please follow the link to my shop to pre-order yours.

This is last minute, but I think I can get them out to you in time for Christmas gift giving!

Please place your calendar pre-order before December 6th!


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