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Waverunners as Cover Art

javma.2016.248.issue-7.coverIf you are a veterinarian, tech or in the animal care field, look for my artwork on the cover of the April 1st 2016 issue of JAVMA.
Pleased to be featured on the cover for the second time!
“Waverunners” watercolor


“Paws and Claws for a Cause”

pawsclaws“Paws and Claws for a Cause”
Sullivan Framing & Fine Art Gallery
Bedford, New Hampshire
April- June, 2014
Opening Reception Thursday, April 10 7-9pm

“Strong Swimmer” a new watercolor/casein on panel

strong_swimmer_gallery_sold“Strong Swimmer”
6″x 6″ watercolor and casein on Aquabord panel. Finished with UV matte varnish.
This items ships free!
*copyright does not appear on original painting
This little painting of a chocolate lab doing what comes naturally would make a perfect gift for the chocolate lover in your life!

Keep Away

“Keep Away”
7 1/2″x10″ watercolor on paper.

Started 2012 with this ambitious and challenging watercolor. I have had this reference photo of the gang (my Lucy front and center) playing keep away on the shore of Long Island Sound for quite some time. I have been saving it for when I really wanted to tackle painting movement and water and had consecutive days to complete it.
I hope you can just feel the excitement and joy these pups are having! Maguire never did give up the toy! He was the boss.
Painting in memory of my brother’s most awesome golden retriever…Maguire.

Cabin Fever

“Cabin Fever” open acrylic on  6″x6″ panel.

Most years in New Hampshire where we live, the snow has flown  at least once or twice and has started to pile up past our ankles. It is a strange sight to be looking out the kitchen door a week before Christmas and see the grass and the fall leaves missed in fall cleanup.
“Cabin Fever” is what it usually looks like here in the winter..a whiteout storm, low light and a warm fire keeping us toasty.
Usually it is Cricket and Lucy snuggling on the Orvis bed, but this time last year, my brother’s labs stole the coveted spot in the heart of the home…our kitchen.
I painted this small work for possible inclusion in an upcoming theme show titled “Cabin Fever” at East Colony Fine Art Gallery in Manchester NH.
It isn’t officially available for purchase yet, but please inquire if interested. More details on the show to follow.