2015 Labrador Retriever Calendar available soon!

lp.aspxFor all of you that look forward to my annual Labrador Retriever paintings calendar, the 2015 wall calendar will be available for pre-order in September!
As always, a portion of the proceeds from my annual calendar will be donated to a Labrador Retriever Rescue group of my choosing. (TBD)

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Morning Glory

molly poole morning glory fb“Morning Glory’ 10″ square acrylic on panel.

This image makes me yearn to be at a beach house right on the ocean with my yellow boy Hopper chilling out under foot,  the sun is shining bright and I have a good book in hand.
Summer is flying by! Get out there and savor every last minute.

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Beach Boys Series, a Father’s Day Gift

Beach Boys Series“Beach Boys” small works.
As you probably know, I mostly paint dogs, sometimes a cat or a horse or a few cows. Occasionally, a person joins the scene. A horse with an owner, a child hugging their favorite dog pal. So when presented with an opportunity to paint a series of 3 adorable brothers playing at the beach, I was excited to take on the challenge and take a bit of a step outside my comfort zone.
These small 6×6 acrylic  works are being gifted  for the boys father for Father’s Day.
I am so glad to be part of this project to present such a unique and special gift to a very special Dad today.

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New Water Artworks


Sunkist 10″ square watercolor framed to 24″ square driftwood frame


Spin Cycle 12″x16″ watercolor framed to 24″x30″ driftwood frame


Continuing with my water and Labrador Retriever themed works this past week, I created these new watercolor and gouache artworks on paper.
These works are framed with handcrafted frames made from salvaged driftwood collected from the salt marshes of South Carolina by artisan/craftsman Jim Lavalley from Charleston, South Carolina. His reclaimed wood company makes frames from anything from  antique pianos to salvaging washed up boats. You can find his work here on his “Old Like New” etsy shop.

The weathered frames are a perfect compliment to my water dog works. They will be on display soon locally. More information to follow.

*Thank you to Erin Furman and Katie Dinning for providing refererence photos for these new works.

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A new look to my website

It has been on my to-do list to get around to cleaning up and reorganizing my website for at least a year now and finally I have gotten around to it…got the Spring cleaning bug.

My site was just getting too cluttered and busy for my liking and for ease of navigation.

The only thing missing now is images of my artworks. I don’t want to keep the site in maintenance mode any longer than I have to, so please bear with me while I reorganize my portfolio  and add back images of my current work and old favorites. It will take me a few days to complete.

Thank you!

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