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Call for reference photos! 2016 Labrador Retriever Calendar


Got a great photo of your Lab? Share it for a chance for me to paint it for 2016!

Yes, I know…it just the very beginning of 2015 and I am talking about 2016!
It takes many months of planning and painting in between other projects so I like to get a head start on 2016 Molly Poole Labrador Retriever Calendar.
Click the link below for the details for submitting images for consideration. I will select 13 images to paint from that will be presented as the 2016 calendar.
*Please only submit images you have taken yourself.

2016 contest rules calendar

2013 Labrador Retriever Calendar Contest “Show Me Your Labs”

I would like to invite my Lab Lovin’ friends to participate in the process of creating next year’s Lab Calendar.
I am looking for reference photos of your happy Labs to use as inspiration for each month of 2013. I will select 12 winning images from the submissions to create a painting for each month. Contest winners will see their Lab(s) featured in the 2013 calendar as well as receiving a signed copy of the calendar.
This is a big project and something entirely new for me. I have been holding off announcing the contest for fear that I am biting off more than I can chew and the “what if” voice talking me out of taking a risk. What if no one wants to participate, what if something happens to prevent me from finishing the project…..?
Today, I am in the mood to ignore the doubts and send out a call for reference photos and take a leap of faith. Before I lose my nerve, I am hitting the “post” button.
I hope I have explained the rules and requirements for submitting your photos to this contest and I hope you will consider participating. Please feel free to email me with questions.
See below for more information and printable contest rules.

Call for Reference Photos!

Would you like to see your best friend featured in next year’s calendar?
I am looking for 12 awesome Labs to paint for next year’s calendar and I need your photos of your fabulous Labs.  (all 3 wonderful colors wanted!)

The past two years I have put out a Labrador Retriever painting calendar and it has been quite successful and popular. I thought a contest would be a fun way to include my lab loving friends involved in the process of creating next year’s calendar! I hope you will consider participating.

What kind of images am I looking for?

Happy Labradors, of course!
Yellows, Chocolates and Black Labradors
Your photos showing off what Labs do best whether it be snuggling, romping, swimming, or retrieving.
Photos can include more than one lab and more than one color.
Think seasons! Winter scenes, summer scenes…

Who will be Miss July? or Mister August?

Please read rules and submit photos using the submission guidelines outlined in the Complete Contest Rules and Submission Information

Order your 2012 Labrador Retriever paintings wall calendar!

*I have ordered just a few more for latecomers and last minute shoppers. Place your order before they are gone!

I have sold out of the original run of 100 calendars!
Thank you everyone who placed an order.

If you want to make sure you have one for gift giving this holiday season, order soon.
Last year, I offered a limited run of my wall calendar featuring some of my favorite labrador retriever watercolors. To my surprise, they were all spoken for in short time.
I have had several inquiries about whether I will have a 2012 wall calendar and after putting out feelers on Facebook, it seems there is plenty of enthusiasm!
The good news is that the price of the calendars is the same as last year $19.95 plus $5.00 shipping Priority USPS. They make great gifts for the dog lover!
The calendars are printed on heavy stock and have a gloss finish and the printing quality is outstanding.
Quantity is limited.

This year, I will be happily donating a portion of the sales of these calendars to Southern California Labrador Retriever Rescue. This is a wonderful group that tirelessly pulls adoptable Labs from shelters, fosters and finds new, wonderful families to love them unconditionally.
To place an order:
$19.95 plus shipping

If you need some convincing, here are a few comments about the calendars…

“For those of you who love Molly’s lab paintings, she’s creating a 2012 calendar and taking orders now. I ordered mine and I can tell you – you won’t be disappointed. The 2011 calendar was BEAUTIFUL.”

“Molly, any chance you will do a 2012 calendar? I’ve loved having your beautiful paintings to look at each month of this year!”

“Please please please…it’s one of the things I LIVE for!”

“I’m in! Love my 2011 one!!”